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Business centre "Alatau"

“ALATAU” Business Center is a modern new complex of superior comfort.    

“ALATAU” Business Center is located in 151/115  Abai Avenue, Radostovets Street corner,

in immediate proximity from Rozybakiyev Street.

The Business Center is notable for its convenient location in the business part of the city and transport accessibility.

13 floor building is executed in style of classical architecture with its strict forms, the Greek columns, pilasters, capitals.  

"ALATAU" Business Center means 13 storeyes of office premises, convenient planning and up-to-date design.

The main objective set by our Business Center is to create maximum comfortable conditions for its lessees.

That is why we pay special attention to thorough selection of optimal office solutions, providing the most advantageous lease

conditions for clients, arrangement of full value work in a new office.       

Management is carried out by the company having an operational experience more of 15 years on service of Business centres.


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