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"ALATAU" Business Center is located in 151/115 Abai Avenue, Radostovets Street corner,

in immediate proximity from Rozybakiyev Street (Layout 1).

The Business Center is a part of a set of Business Centers occupying a land plot of about 1 ha.

Here there are three twelve-storey Business Centers "Almatygorstroy" and two-storey Business Center (Layout 2),

The “Ak-Bosaga” Hotel  (Layout 3).

The Business Center is notable for its convenient location in the business part of the city and

transport accessibility.


–In "ALATAU" Business Center building, the following is at your disposal:

the entire range of banking services of the CenterCredit Bank branch with an ATM;

and with an ATM of the People’s Bank.

In the complex Business Centers, the following is located:  

notary’s offices, travel agencies and  advertising companies, realtor’s agencies;

in the three-storey Business Center there is a cafe, where you may have lunch and have

a talk while having a cup of coffee, a cozy hotel with single and double suites.

Near the business centers, there are a number of stores – stationery, household appliances

and hardware; there is a dentist’s, beauty parlor, pharmacy as well as restaurants, a cozy

cafe where you might taste the most delicate dishes. For relaxation, leisure, sports

and fitness activities – there is a sports complex  with a swimming pool and football field,

as well as billiard clubs.


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